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David Hale David Hale from Oklahoma City, OK wrote on June 14, 2018:
Bob was the most gracious friend and mentor to me. He was always available to talk and he would always be the one to keep our conversation going. His guidance will never be forgotten.
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Lynn M. Krogh Lynn M. Krogh from Seal Beach, CA wrote on May 11, 2018:
Bob Hoover was one of the most accomplished aviators that ever lived. He became legendary as a military pilot, a test pilot, and an airshow pilot. He inspired millions of people over the years and he always had time to meet and talk with his fans. In addition to all of this, Bob was the finest gentleman I have ever known. His legacy will live on.
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Arthur Randolph Erb Arthur Randolph Erb from New Caney wrote on May 7, 2018:
I only had the luck to see Hoover do his airshows, and I loved his skill and daring. Wish I had known him personally. The one show that was especially good was at the CAF airshow in Harlingen, TX. Hoover flew his P-51 just before the Blue Angels flew. Of course, all his turns were done to the outside. Then when the Blues took to the air, one of the two solo pilots, did all of HIS turns to the outside! I almost fell down I was laughing so hard. That Blues pilot was not about to let an old man out perform him. Just glad the guy did not try to shut down his engine and dead stick a landing.
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George Gould George Gould wrote on November 10, 2017:
Bob was a friend, mentor a Gentleman and most of all an Aviator who’s standards of excellence should be a guiding light for all who aspire to be great in what ever path they desire to attain.
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Rich Pickett Rich Pickett wrote on November 7, 2017:
Bob was a friend and aviation mentor to me. His guidance is with me every time I fly and instruct in airplanes, striving to fly my best and teach others to fly to the best of their abilities. Some of my best memories are watching Bob's impact on others, whether they were a child with aspirations of flight or experience aviators - all were influenced by his wisdom.
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Michael Herman Michael Herman wrote on November 7, 2017:
Bob was my Friend, Mentor and taught me more lessons about life just being around him. I will always be grateful for the time he, Colleen and I spent together. I love you my friend.
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Michael Herman Michael Herman wrote on November 5, 2017:
Mentor, Friend, teacher of how life should be conducted. I love you my friend.
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Jon Tennyson Jon Tennyson wrote on November 4, 2017:
It’s been said that "The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.” I think that is why Bob Hoover, as important as he was to aviation, transcended aviation. You didn’t have to be a pilot to learn from Bob determination, loyalty, courage, patriotism, integrity, empathy, kindness, courtesy and a hundred other virtues that lived in his heart. You just needed to listen … and watch. I think many who were privileged to know him find countless occasions to say to themselves, “What would Bob Hoover do?” … and many of those occasions have nothing to do with flying.
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