Remembering the Extraordinary Man and Pilot Robert A. “Bob” Hoover

The Foundation is responsible for the management of Bob’s extensive collection of artifacts/memorabilia, spanning his flying career.  The collection includes: photos, awards, clothing and a variety of documentation.

Some time in the future after cataloguing is complete, the Foundation…on behalf of the Hoover family, will accommodate loans on a case-by-case basis. If your museum is interested in displaying some of Bob’s collection in the future, please contact us at:

Video clips on this website taken from a new Hoover biopic, entitled: “The Gift." Go to the contribution page for a free copy offer.


"I was so interested and enthused about aviation, I had been building model airplanes and saw that you could fly them with a rubber band. And when an airplane flew by, I'd run outside and look at it. It wouldn't be very often, but it was a big thrill to me to see an airplane fly."

~ Bob Hoover

Help keep the Spirit of Bob Hoover alive in the next generation of American aviation and support THE BOB HOOVER LEGACY FOUNDATION!

Robert Anderson “Bob” Hoover (1922- 2016) was one of the most gifted pilots and executives in the history of American Aviation.

“It’s not a donation. It’s an investment.”