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To Bob Hoover, flying was serious business. Throughout his career, whenever he was on an airfield he would be either in a business suit or a flight suit.

A true Bob Hoover tribute, featuring four of the over 300 types of aircraft he flew in his storied career. This photo includes the P-51 Mustang, Shrike Aerocommander, Rockwell Sabreliner and F-86 Sabrejet fighter. All were closely identified with Bob and are important elements of his legacy.

Bob Hoover, first row, second from right, is pictured with all of his fellow North American test pilots.

Flown by R.A. "Bob" Hoover for 20 years, N500RA is now the most recoognized Shrike Commander in the world. Hoover used his extensive test pilot and fighter pilot skills to become a legendary airshow pilot and brought a simple business aircraft to international attention.

While an Air Force test pilot at Wright Field after World War II, Bob met the beautiful Colleen Humrickhouse. She later said, "The thing that held Bob back was my maiden name. He used to introduce me as Coleen Jones". She became Colleen Hoover and remained so for their 68 years together.

"Old Yeller", the legendary North American P-51 Mustang made world famous by Bob Hoover."

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